Early Scottish Shorts Programme

Spellbound (1992)                 

A short amateur comedy which tells the story of a woman who finds an ancient spell that brings two ebullient and disruptive monks from Melrose Abbey forward in time to the present day.  
14 mins.

Seven Ages (1957)                  

Humorous amateur fiction tale covering the seven ages of man from the cradle to the grave.
15 mins.


The Pluggers’ Picnic (1952)                  

Four school children play truant to have a picnic, during the course of which they eat so much that they are too fat to move and are thus caught by a teacher.  13 mins.


The Suckers (1963)                  

A bored housewife buys a new vacuum cleaner from a door-to-door salesman. Her husband is annoyed at her for buying too much from salesmen at the door, but when a glamorous woman comes to the door what happens?  9 mins.


Robot Three (1951)                  

A grim scientist orders one of his androids to destroy another after finding out it has fallen in love with a third "female" robot. She seduces her creator into drinking from a poisoned cup, and makes her escape...  25 mins.