Cromarty 'My Favourite Film' Festival

Film Festival 2020


We did salvage something from the festival this year. We have been working (remotely) with Cromarty Primary School, alongside Cat Bruce and Keith Duncan, our animation workshop team, to illustrate Lemn Sissay's beautiful poem Let There Be Peace.

Each child in the school made a phenakistoscope, and recorded a sound effect for a particular line and Cat and Keith put them all together. Thanks to all the staff and pupils. . To Lemn Sissay for his kind permission. And Screen Scotland for the funding.

It's a wish for 2021, have as best a holiday as you can, we'll see you on the other side. Here's the film

As well as all the other fantastic events during the 2019 festival, Keith Duncan and Cat Bruce once again joined us and ran our animation workshop over the course of the weekend. The film involved hand drawn segments which were filmed plus a soundtrack made up entirely by those that attended the workshop. Many festival goers, both young and old, contributed and the resulting film was once again rushed to be screened at our finale night in the Victoria Hall. So... if you contributed to it or... just fancy seeing it, we've added it below.

And here's a wee article by journalist Harry Jamshid about last year's festival.

Huge congratulations must go to one of our fabulous 2019, guests, Stuart Wilson, who was on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall last night with the sound crew from the film 1917 to receive the BAFTA for Best Sound.


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