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On this page you can find various pieces of media produced during previous CFF workshops as well as reviews and other random bits of interesting memorabilia (and things that don't fit anywhere else!)...

During our film festival in 2018, animator Cat Bruce and sound designer, Keith Duncan, worked together in a very special workshop organised in close collaboration with enthusiasts both young an old. They worked around a theme which was based around our honoured guest, the poet Jackie Kay's beautiful poem:

No. 115 Dreams

Now please take a look at the fantastic results...

"I just wanted to tell you thanks again for everything and making me a part of this amazing experience. I am so grateful to meet the whole Cromarty Film Festival family and its vibrant spirit. It has been a fantastic journey to get to know this beautiful place and the wonderful people there and to share our passion for cinema together."

Orlando, 2018 Film Student volunteer from Mexico City

Here are the results of the fabulous animation produced in 2017 by some of our youngest animators, please click here.

If you fancy giving an ear to a short audio soundscape, have a listen to this fabulous audio composition .
It's a selection of interviews and odd moments from the 2016 festival put together by the lovely Ian Niven.

Film critic, Karen Krizanovich, also wrote a really lovely review of her time at the Cromarty Film Festival ... you can read the full piece here.


Previous CFF